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Image by Andrea Hamilton from Pixabay.

Let Freedom Ring!

February through June 2023

Our new exhibit will be opening in February. Check back here for more details!

Upcoming Events

“Let Freedom Ring!” Exhibit Opening
February 16 at 6:00 PM

Check back for more details on the exhibit opening.

This Week in History

January 18, 1911: The first shipboard plane landing occurred. The flight was from Tanforan Park to the USS Pennsylvania.

January 19, 1861: Georgia is the fifth state to secede from the Union. This will lead up to the beginning of the Civil War in April 1861.

January 20, 1981: Ronald Regan was sworn in as U.S. President at the age of 69, the oldest man to hold the office up to that point.

January 21, 1954: The USS Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered submarine, was launched on the Thames River in Connecticut.

January 22, 1984: The Apple Macintosh was first introduced.

January 23, 1849: Elizabeth Blackwell received her medical degree and became the first female doctor in the U.S.

January 24, 1848: A gold nugget was discovered at Sutter’s Mill in northern California by James W. Marshall. This led to the California Gold Rush in 1849.

January 25, 1977: The world’s first solar power plant opened in Odeillo, France.

January 26, 1988: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera opened in New York City. It has become the longest running show in Broadway history.

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